By Ryan Jones

Taking a trip to the great outdoors is now more exciting than ever with some of the amazing gadgets that are becoming readily available. From a simple weekend hike to an extended hunting trip, those that enjoy nature are sure to find some of the feature-packed devices will make their expedition more memorable than ever.

Here is a closer look at a few products that everyone should consider when it comes to finding amazing presents for avid hikers, rock climbers, hunters, campers, and all adventure enthusiasts.

PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator

Those who have planned a trip outdoors should not overlook the convenience of having this multi-functional device at their disposal. No matter how advanced today’s gadgets and devices have become, battery life always tends to be an issue.

From smartphones to e-readers, a trip of any sort away from a decent power supply can be a hassle, but the PowerPot Thermoelectric Generatormakes this a thing of the past. This generator can be hooked up to almost any source of heat including a campfire, hot springs, or a propane heater. A flame-resistant USB cable can then be attached to any electronic device to quickly charge the battery.


Having a HeatStick within one’s gear may seem like a novelty when out on an expedition, but it will make all the difference when it comes to comfort on those shivering cold nights. Owners can either utilize the HeatStick water container or any other heat-resistant container they own and place one of the HeatStick igniters into the water. Within moments, a quick chemical reaction will begin to heat the water. The water can be brought to a near boiling state in as little as a few minutes; whether you’re making a pot of coffee or planning to have a head bath.

CRKT Eat’N Tool

It is all about functionality when hunters, backpackers, or nature lovers are forced to carry everything that they will need for multiple days on their back. This single tool will replace a number of items in one’s pack and could cut out pounds of gear before a lengthy trip.

Some of the tools that the CRKT Eat’N Tool provides include:

  • Spoon
  • Knife
  • Fork
  • Hex Wrench
  • Prying Tool
  • Bottle Opener

Bushnell Scout 1000 Rangefinder

From big game hunting expedition spread across dozens of miles to local pheasant hunting, staying within the perfect range for a shot is one of the most difficult steps in this pastime. This includes both bow and gun hunting, and few items are as precise as the Scout 1000 Rangefinder.

This durable item is exceptionally compact with a 5X magnification and accuracy up to 300 yards. Depending on the style of weapon, thisrangefinder also provides the necessary arc for the shot, taking out just one more variable that could make all the difference.


Few products have revolutionized outdoor living as much as water cleaning systems, and the LifeStraw should be found in every pack.

For many years, there have been relatively few options when it comes to obtaining potable water. Most were forced to use anti-bacterial chemicals, boil their water, or do a mixture of the two. With the LifeStraw, outdoor enthusiasts can ensure that they will have great drinking water with a compact design that will stand up to the rigors of hunting, hiking, camping, and more.

Phillips Shoqbox

Enjoying one’s music collection during any period of downtime can often be a highlight for those that have set out into nature, but there have been surprisingly few options for outdoor speakers that will stand up to the rigors of outdoor living.

Phillips has created their Shoqbox from the ground up in order to be as durable and compact as possible while still producing quality sound. This small Shoqbox is no larger than a water bottle and can connect to almost any device with a USB or Bluetooth connection for superior quality music.

Garmin Astro 320

Dog’s love the outdoors just as much as their owners, but bringing a dog into the wild does present a number of problems. Whether the canine is used to assist in hunting or joins you simply as a companion on a hike, theGarmin Astro 320 will track upwards of 10 animals with a sturdy and comfortable GPS tracking collar. The handheld unit for the owner provides a very precise overhead map for the area which will provide information on the dog’s location as well as their movement.

These few amazing gadgets are only the beginning when searching for the gift for a friend or family member. They are sure to make any trip as safe, efficient, and fun as possible when it comes to relying on advanced tech devices.

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